Amplify Black Entrepreneurial Voices

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We are excited to share with you our mission of launching a new, high-quality podcast that will serve as a vibrant platform for black businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of communication, of stories that inspire, inform, and uplift. This podcast aims to amplify black voices, share successes, examine challenges, and provide a collaborative platform for innovative ideas and strategies.

As we work towards setting up this initiative, we have realized the necessity of specific tools to guarantee the quality we strive for. These resources include lavalier microphones for clear, crisp audio; headphones for precision in sound editing; audio recorders to capture every crucial conversation, and more. The pursuit of quality is a commitment we're making to our listeners, and we're steadfast in our resolve to deliver nothing but the best.

We invite you to participate in this endeavor and play a role in bringing to life a podcast dedicated to promoting and empowering black businesses and entrepreneurs. You can make a difference by donating towards our wishlist and contributing towards the purchase of these vital pieces of equipment.

Each contribution, no matter how small, will bring us one step closer to our goal and pave the way for a stronger, more vibrant black entrepreneurial community. Together, we can create an ecosystem where black businesses thrive, where ideas are shared, and where conversations lead to action and growth.

By supporting us, you're not just buying a microphone or a set of headphones. You are investing in a platform that supports black entrepreneurs, creating a space for innovation, learning, and growth within our community.

Join us on this journey to raise the voices of black entrepreneurs and businesses to new heights. Let's create together, inspire together, and succeed together.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission.


Sacha Saint-Cyr